At Sapient Capital PartnersTM, we only do one thing:  Help entrepreneurs and business owners build and realize on the value of their companies.

We've been doing this since 2005, and our clients are pretty happy with us.  You can check out our testimonials, or speak with them!





Why can we help you?

  • Focus.


    • We are an advisory firm focused solely on small- to medium-sized private companies with annual sales of up to $50 million.


    • We have particular expertise in Software, Web and Technology-Based Manufacturing.



  • No conflicts. 


    • We are not product specialists, so we don't have an agenda or angle in providing the best and most objective advice possible.
    • We won't represent competitors in your space, so you know you're getting the best terms possible.  
    • We have no other lines of business to compete with your priorities, unlike the major firms.



  • Relevant experience.


    • We've been private technology company Presidents, COOs, CFOs and Board Directors, as well as senior investment bankers, corporate bankers and investors (private equity, venture capital and angel).  So we know how to protect your time and attention on your own business while getting things done. 


    • We have the technical (CA, CBV, MBA) and educational credentials at top schools such as the University of Chicago and Western.  


    • We have training and senior transaction experience at some of the  best and most innovative financial institutions in North America, such as CIBC, Gordon Capital, JPMorgan Chase (Chemical Ventures), Ernst & Young, Bank of America, and HSBC.  


    • Our senior team members will see your transaction from start to completion.  No juniors running the file after you've signed on with Sapient.



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"Sapient Capital Partners" is a trademark of Sapient Capital Partners Corporation.


Sapient’s principals have over
80 years of collective experience
as senior transaction managers
and principals that we bring to
the table for you and your

The small to mid-sized
private company market segment
is our strategic core, not a
sideline or “new thing”.




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